Epinions datasets

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The datasets derived from Epinions are available here for other researchers investigations.

If you use one of these datasets and you appreciate my effort in collecting and releasing them, please cite my paper Trust-aware Bootstrapping of Recommender Systems (see below) or another of my papers analyzing Epinions, thanks! --Paolo Massa 09:25, 15 February 2011 (PST)

Massa, P., & Avesani, P. (2006). Trust-aware bootstrapping of recommender systems.
Proceedings of ECAI 2006 Workshop on Recommender Systems (pp. 29-33).

Epinions datasets

We have collected and released 2 different versions of Epinions datasets:

  1. Downloaded Epinions dataset
  2. Extended Epinions dataset

Papers analyzing Epinions dataset


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