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Trust is the central object of study of this wiki so its definition encompasses this page for embracing the entire Trustlet wiki.

According to the Oxford Dictionary:

"Trust is the firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something."

One of the most cited definition of Trust is from a paper by Diego Gambetta in [1]:

"Trust (or, symmetrically, distrust) is a particular level of the subjective probability with which an agent will perform a particular action, both before [we] can monitor each action (or independently of his capacity of ever be able to monitor it) and in a context in which it affects [our] own action."

There are more Definitions of trust.

The trust relationship involves 2 principals: the truster (i.e. the principal which expresses her trust on the other party and so the source of the trust statement) and the trustee (i.e. the principal which is judged by the truster and so the target of the trust statement).

Trust can be made explicit by means of a trust statement.

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