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Jump to: navigation, search is a project for collecting information about trust metrics. It consists of this wiki, some software, and a mailinglist. It was founded in June 2007, by Paolo Massa and Kasper Souren. Most work is available under the Creative Commons Attribution license or the GNU General Public License.

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How does TrustLet relate to Wikipedia?

TrustLet and Wikipedia are two quite different projects.

Wikipedia is the wiki counterpart of an encyclopedia, while trustlet is the wiki counterpart of a continuously growing body of specific scientific knowledge.


  • Trustlet is dedicated to research whereas Wikipedia has No Original Research policy, which excludes original content. Original research wikis are discussed at Wikiresearch
  • Trustlet is focused on a particolar field: "trust metrics", Wikipedia is a general encyclopedia.

Similarities between Trustlet and Wikipedia

  • Both are wiki, that means both can be modified by every user, and both are based on mediawiki software

Where does the word TrustLet come from?

Trust + -let diminutive suffix.

Other words that use -let as suffix

How I can use trustlet software?

Trustlet is the name of a program written in python freely downloadable. See Code. It is very recommended to see README.txt and INSTALL.txt files in order to install and use it. If you have some difficult about the scripts that help the usage of program search on the wiki or write to us. see:

You can find more information about software at the dataset page.

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